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Flat glass or flat glass windows or glass lenses, referred to as glass, without flat glass grinding. It is used for building windows and doors, walls, outdoor decoration plays an role of pervious to light, heat insulation, sound insulation, the wind and the door, can also be used for door and window shop counter, display window and some means of transportation (cars, ships, etc.). Window plate glass thickness of 2, 3, 4, 5, 6mm five, of which 2 ~ 3mm thick, commonly used in civil construction, 4 ~ 6mm thick, mainly used in industrial and high-rise buildings.
Polished glass, said the mirror glass or white piece of glass, is polished after polishing the flat glass, divided into two kinds of single side and double side polished, the glass is to eliminate the glass in order to eliminate defects such as glass. Polished glass surface smooth and shiny, from any direction or reflection of the landscape is not deformed, the thickness of 5 ~ 6mm, size can be made according to the needs. Used to install windows and doors, windows or senior large mirror.
Frosted glass, also known as frosted glass sandblasting machine, manual grinding or the use of hydrofluoric acid solution, ordinary flat glass surface treatment for facial hair evenly and. The glass surface is rough, so that the light produces diffuse reflection, and has the characteristics of light transmission and non perspective, and makes the interior light soft. It is often used in the bathroom, bathroom, toilet partition, office, corridor etc., also can make the surface of the blackboard.
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